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Sequential applications of tacrolimus and corticosteroids are effective in pediatric atopic dermatitis


A 3-phase, open-label pilot study evaluated the efficacy of sequential applications of topical tacrolimus and topical corticosteroids in pediatric patients with atopic dermatitis. Treatment consisted of a 2-week induction phase, in which patients received tacrolimus (0.03%) ointment in the morning and a corticosteroid ointment in the evening; a 2-week transitional phase of tacrolimus twice daily on weekdays and concurrent corticosteroids and tacrolimus on weekend days; and a 2-week maintenance phase of twice daily tacrolimus and discontinuation of corticosteroids. After the 6 weeks of treatment, daily application of tacrolimus was discontinued and was only used when necessary for an additional 6 weeks. The results of this study showed that the sequential application of ...

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