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Comparison of two dermoscopic techniques to diagnose atypical pigmented lesions


The sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic accuracy of 7-point and 3-point checklist methods were compared in a series of 96 dermoscopic images. Half of these were preoperative dermoscopic images of clinically atypical but histopathologically proven nonmelanoma pigmented skin lesions. The other half were histopathologically proven melanoma lesions. Seven-point and 3-point checklists were used to assess the lesions retrospectively. The sensitivity, specificity, and the positive and negative predictive value of the 7-point checklist was 87.5, 16.17, 51.22 and 57.14%, respectively. Corresponding values for the 3-point checklist were 89.58, 31.25, 56.58 and 75%, respectively. Thus the 3-point checklist proved to be a superior screening tool, especially for less experienced observers (Gereli, M.C. et al. Int J ...

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