Using Proactiv to Cure Acne


You may have seen some of the ads that have been actively running to promote the Proactive Solution. The product is well-endorsed by many celebrities and is, therefore, popular. This acne treatment solution has been developed by dermatologists to heal current acne while preventing future blemishes. Is it effective, though?

The Therapy System

You have to follow three steps in the Proactive therapy system. First, you have to use the cleanser for skin renewal. The formula is oil free because you don’t need extra oil to clog your pores. The cleanser contains tiny grains that act as exfoliants that get rid of dead skin. Its formula also includes a strong dose of benzoyl peroxide, which helps in killing acne-causing bacteria. 

After cleansing, you can use the toner. It is alcohol free. So, it will not dry your skin. The toner removes the dead skin cells and unclogs dirt and excess oils from your pores. It will give your face a refreshed look and a balanced tone. 

The oil free lotion as a third step is also important. Again, the formulation comes with benzoyl peroxide. The lotion aims to heal blackheads, prevent new acne breakouts and soothe your skin.

How Proactive Works

The system as described above sounds promising. It is the presence of various bacteria fighting ingredients in one therapy system that makes Proactive work.  It is important to make use of various ingredients instead of just highlighting one because to fully heal acne, skin must be exfoliated, pores must be unclogged, inflammation must be soothed, and bacteria must be destroyed. The Proactive system also prevents future breakouts.

Why Choose Proactiv

There are lots of other acne treatment products in the market. Some of these other products also contain benzoyl peroxide. So, why should you choose Proactiv? 

You should choose Proactive if you don’t want your skin to be exposed to harsh creams that can cause skin irritations as side effects. You are looking for an acne treatment that will get rid of the inflammation and irritation. So, you don’t want a product that will actually make your skin look inflamed for a time. Proactive is not just effective but it is also gentle on your skin. It will not give you dry and scaly skin, which is typical of skin being treated for acne. 

The Proactive system also contains soothing botanical ingredients, such as chamomile, aloe, panthenol, and allantoin. 

Testimonials have shown that there are people who have been looking for all sorts of treatments for their serious acne and have only found a gentle solution from the Proactiv system. 

Possible Side Effects

There are still possible side effects associated with the Proactive system. There are some people who may be sensitive or even allergic to its vital component, benzoyl peroxide. Dryness and irritation may occur in these cases. When you experience these side effects, you should either stop usage or decrease the amount you apply on the affected areas. If you are not sure about what to do then you have to consult your dermatologist immediately.

Note that benzoyl peroxide works like bleach and could damage your towels.