Clinical trials

Condition   Drug Name  
Study Rosiglitazone in HIV-infection
Design Randomized
Patients 96
Treatment Regimen Rosiglitazone, 4 mg/d x 24 wks (n=48); Placebo (n=48)
Conclusions Rosiglitazone 4 mg was ineffective in slowing or reversing lipoatrophy in patients with HIV-infection
Reference(s) A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of rosiglitazone for HIV-related lipoatrophy
J Infect Dis 2007, 195 (12):1754.
Author and Affiliation Cavalcanti, R.B., Raboud, J., Shen, S., Kain, K.C., Cheung, A., Walmsley, S.