Matrix metalloproteinase expression in atopic dermatitis

Open-label, single-center pilot study to evaluate antifungal activity of a novel nonsteroidal cream in volunteers

Topical tacrolimus for treatment-resistant cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Retreatment with alitretinoin in previously relapsed patients with chronic hand eczema

Association between frequency of pruritic symptoms and perceived psychological stress

Late-onset IgE sensitization to microbial allergens in pediatric atopic dermatitis

Ustekinumab improves quality of life in patients with moderate-severe psoriasis

Skin barrier function and current perception threshold in extrinsic and intrinsic atopic dermatitis

A randomized controlled trial in pediatric eczema: Quality of life outcomes by nurse practitioners versus dermatologists

Miltefosine versus clobetasol in mastocytosis: Controlled study

Frequency and intensity of topical pimecrolimus use in mild-moderate pediatric atopic dermatitis

Randomized controlled trial of ustekinumab and etanercept for moderate-severe psoriasis

Preventive photodynamic therapy in patients with face and scalp cancerization: A controlled study

Polyphenon E®: A novel treatment for external anogenital warts

Celiac disease associated with psoriasis

Quality of life evaluation in epidermolysis bullosa: Development of a specific quality of life instrument

Comparison of two dermoscopic techniques to diagnose atypical pigmented lesions

Development and validation of a nail psoriasis quality of life scale

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Tanning Beds/Salons: A Perfect Storm Is Brewing

Vincent A. DeLeo
St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, New York, USA

As all of us in Dermatology know, artificial tanning is ubiquitous in the USA. There are over 30 million users and about 25% of teenage girls and young women claim to have tanned in the last year. We also know that most of us constantly warn of the side effects that can be caused by tanning at the beach or in the salon. Obviously this approach has not worked.

But now it appears that a “storm” over this issue may be brewing and there is a chance that, as Len Lichtenfeld, MD, the Deputy Medical Director in the national office of the American Cancer Society recently wrote in his blog, “Maybe It’s Time to Ban the Tan”.

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