Professional Development

7 - Graphical Rapresentation of Data
In addition to the statistical analysis, your daily planner management model and, more specifically, the rules you use to manage your physical daily planner, should allow you to make quick visual analyses and thereby intuitively identify gaps, unsuitable schedulings, excessively busy days, etc. This will significantly help you graphically represent your time in blocks. Our advice is that your time blocks should not be less than 30 minutes. We reiterate the importance of your feeling comfortable with your own physical daily planner. It will be worth your while to check out the available products, their respective advantages and what cost in hours the product corresponds to, in terms of initial investment and maintenance. There are no better or worse physical daily planners , but rather more or less suitable to our own model. Therefore, you should only choose your daily planner after you have defined your own model. A physical daily planner is the model you use independently of any physical support: it may be a traditional desk or pocket daily planner, a software program, or any other kind of electronic daily planner currently available on the market.