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Rosiglitazone protects against burn-induced oxidative injury of remote organs


A rodent study investigated whether rosiglitazone could protect against burn-induced remote organ injury. Under ether anesthesia, the shaved dorsum of Wistar albino rats was exposed to a 90 °C or 25 °C (control group) water bath for 10 seconds. Rosiglitazone (4 mg/kg i.p.) or saline was administered immediately and 12 h after the burn. Postmortem tissue samples (lung, kidney, liver) were taken 24 h later. All the elevated biochemical indices of burn-induced injury (tumor necrosis factor-alpha, IL-1beta, blood urea nitrogen, creatinine, lactate dehydrogenase, aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, malondialdehyde, myeloperoxidase, glutathione) were reversed by rosiglitazone. These findings suggest that rosiglitazone or peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma (PPAR-gamma) ligands may have a role in the ...

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