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Thymus and activation-regulated chemokines in pediatric atopic dermatitis


A Japanese population-based study investigated the clinical significance of serum thymus and activation-regulated chemokine (TARC) in children aged 5 years and under with severe atopic dermatitis (AD). The study investigated 1359 children from 2003-2004. In 2003, the mean TARC serum level in those with sustained AD, regressed AD, newly developed AD and healthy controls was 691.7, 569.9, 380.1 and 506.3 pg/ml, respectively. TARC levels in those with sustained AD were significantly higher than in the other groups. The mean TARC levels of newly diagnosed AD patients increased from 2003-2004 (from 380.2 to 491.8 pg/ml) implying that it may mirror the natural course of AD (Furusyo, N. et al. Eur J Dermatol ...

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