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Cardiovascular risk factors and psychiatric comorbidity in atopic eczema: A case-control study


A German population-based case control study investigated the cardiovascular risk factors and psychiatric comorbidity in 6296 patients with atopic eczema (AE). Each patient was individually matched regarding age and gender but without AE. Significantly higher proportions of AE patients had concomitant depression (odds ratio [OR]: 1.85; schizophrenia (OR: 2.26); personality disorder (OR: 1.85) and obesity (OR: 1.24). However, no increased risks for hypertension (OR: 1.03) or atherosclerosis (OR: 1.08) were found. An increased risk of depression and other psychiatric disorders seem likely to be associated with AE, together with a slightly increased risk of obesity (Schmitt, J. et al. 5th Int Symp Atopic Dermat (May 11-13, Kyoto) 2008. Abst 4). --> -->

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