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Filaggrin null mutations and pediatric atopic eczema: A population cohort study


The significance of 5 common filaggrin gene (FLG) null mutations in childhood atopic eczema (AE) was studied in 811 children aged 7-9 years. The 12-month period prevalence of AE was 24.2% and the disease was mild to moderate in 96%. The combined null genotype was significantly associated with AE (p=1.2 x 10-4). The odds ratio (OR) for individuals carrying 2 null mutations was 26.9. Eight of 190 eczema cases (4.2%) had 2 FLG null mutations, possibly attributable to filaggrin deficiency. Asthma was significantly associated with FLG null mutations (p=7.1 x 10-4). However, there was no association of FLG with asthma independent of eczema and none with seasonal rhinitis (Brown, S.J. et al. ...

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