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Support groups improve pruritus and quality of life in pediatric atopic dermatitis patients and their families


The intensity of pruritus and quality of life in children (aged 2-16 years) with atopic dermatitis (AD) and their families after joining support groups were evaluated by questionnaires in a randomized study. Thirty-two AD patients (n=16 controls; n=16 intervention) and their relatives completed several questionnaires (Children's Dermatology Life Quality Index [CDLQI]; Family Dermatitis Impact [FDI] and Yosipovitch's questionnaire for pruritus) and each "unit" (patient and family member) was accompanied for 6 months. After the intervention, pruritus was unchanged (p=0.42) but the overall CDLQI score, personal relationships and leisure domains improved significantly (p<0.01; p=0.02 and p=0.04, respectively). FDI scores were unchanged (Weber, M.B. et al. JEADV 2008, 22[8]: 992-997). --> -->

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