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c-FLIP overexpression may promote epidermal hyperplasia in lesional psoriasis


The pathogenesis of psoriasis was investigated in a recent study performed by scientists at the University of Wuhan, China, by assessing the role of cellular FLIP (c-FLIP) in lesional psoriatic skin from 30 patients with psoriasis. c-FLIP protein overexpression in human tumors has been found to correlate with autoimmunity and suppression of the antitumor immune response involving the Fas signalling pathway. The study reported c-FLIP mRNA and protein upregulation in lesional psoriatic epidermis compared with normal and nonlesional psoriatic epidermis controls (p < 0.01). c-FLIP protein expression was stronger within all epidermal layers in lesional psoriatic skin compared with weak and restricted expression in basal and suprabasal layers in control samples ...

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