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An educational tool for the treatment of atopy


An educational tool to help atopic patients and their caregivers understand their disease and treatment and increase their quality of life was described. It was based on interviews with patients, parents and caregivers, and comprised an 'atopy clock'' segmented according to the children's activities throughout the day. Sleep, waking up, washing, dressing, school, eating, after-school activities, coming home, etc. were activities addressed by this tool. It was considered fun and educational and could be integrated into the child's treatment and care (Gelmetti, C. et al. J Am Acad Dermatol [67th Annu Meet Am Acad Dermatol (AAD) (March 6-10, San Francisco) 2009] 2009, 60(3,Suppl. 1): AB90, Abst P1801).

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