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Pediatric atopic dermatitis and risk factors in children from Great Buenos Aires


A case-control cross-sectional study in 603 children (age 12-60 months) from Great Buenos Aires was conducted to determine the prevalence and risk factors for atopic dermatitis (AD). The prevalence of AD was 44.1% and the risk factors with odds ratios (ORs) for AD were as follows: family history of atopy (OR: 5.7; p=0.0000); wearing synthetic clothes (OR: 2.2; p=0.0009); having a carpeted room (OR: 1.9; p=0.0009) and living closer than 300 m to an industry (OR: 1.93; p=0.0051). A high prevalence of AD was found in this highly polluted urban community in Great Buenos Aires (Dei-Cas, I. et al. Clin Exptl Dermatol 2009, 34(3): 299).

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