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Chronic murine model of trimellitic anhydride-induced contact hypersensitivity


Acute and subacute models and a novel chronic murine model of trimellitic anhydride (TMA)-induced ear inflammation were compared to see which more closely resembled human atopic dermatitis (AD) characteristics. Balb/c mice were sensitized with 50 mcl 5% TMA on the shaved flank on day 0. Challenges were made with 5 mcl 5% TMA on the dorsum of both ears on day 5 (acute model) and days 5-7 (subacute model) or with 5% TMA on day 5 and 2% TMA challenge on days 6-14 (chronic model). This  chronic murine model more closely resembles clinical AD as shown by morphological changes, T-cell infiltration, eosinophil, mast cell, IgE and cytokine profiles as well ...

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