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Guidelines for the management of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis: Focus on topical therapies


Recent guidelines on the use of topical therapies for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis have been published. Levels of evidence were classified as good quality, patient-oriented (I), limited quality, patient-oriented (II) or "other" consensus guidelines, case studies (III). The strength of the clinical recommendations was graded as consistent, good quality (A), inconsistent, limited quality (B) or other (C). The following therapies were reviewed (the strength of recommendation and level of evidence are given in parentheses): class I corticosteroids (A1); class II corticosteroids (B11); class III-VI corticosteroids (A1); vitamin D analogues (A1); tazarotene (A1); tacrolimus and pimecrolimus (B11); anthralin (C111); coal tar (B11). Combination treatments reviewed included: corticosteroids/salicylic acid (B11); corticosteroids/vitamin D (A1); corticosteroids/tazarotene (A1); tacrolimus/salicylic ...

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