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Neuroselective transcutaneous electrostimulation reveals neuronal sensitization in atopic dermatitis


The difference in the perception of a stimulus (5 Hz alternating current) evoked by a neuroselective transcutaneous electrical stimulator (NTES) was determined in 24 atopic dermatitis (AD) patients and 24 controls. The subjects underwent stimulation on 7 nonlesional body sites with the NTES. Responses were classified as itch + (pure itch and painful itch) or pain + (including pure pain without itch). Quantitative differences in the current intensity required to provoke perception were also analyzed. The NTES predominantly produced itch in AD patients. The current perception threshold was significantly less in AD patients than controls on 3 body sites: lateral aspect of antecubital fossae, flank and abdomen (Ozawa, M. et al. ...

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