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Factors related to melanoma in middle-aged and older men


A retrospective survey was conducted at 3 institution melanoma clinics in the US. It determined factors related to the detection of melanoma and those that differentiated between thicker and thinner tumors in middle-aged and elderly men. Two hundred and seventy-seven men (aged > 40 years) completed the survey within 3 months of melanoma diagnosis. Of these, 25% had thicker tumors (≥ 2 mm). Thicker tumors were associated with nodular histology, lack of atypical nevi, patients with less than a high school education and those tumors discovered by patients themselves. For those with thinner tumors, knowledge of melanoma (p=0.007), attention to skin cancer detection (p=0.002), interest in health topics (p=0.003) and knowing the ...

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