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Genome-wide association study and new risk variants for atopic dermatitis on chromosome 11


A genome-wide association study was conducted in 939 atopic dermatitis (AD) patients, 975 controls and 270 nuclear families with two affected siblings. Single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with AD in both discovery sets were then evaluated in two additional independent replication sets totalling 2,637 cases and 3,957 controls. A highly significant association was found with a common sequence variant on chromosome 11q13.5 (P combined 7.6 x 10-10) in all four study groups. Approximately 13% of European individuals are homozygous for this risk allele with a 1.47-fold risk of AD versus noncarriers. This variant is also prevalent in patients with Crohn's disease. A list of additional candidate genes including a new susceptibility locus within ...

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