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Safety of accelerated schedules of allergen immunotherapy in atopic dermatitis


The feasibility of administering house dust mite (HDM) extracts in 3 days (rush immunotherapy) or 1 day (ultra rush immunotherapy) to atopic dermatitis (AD) patients (n = 65) or allergic asthma patients (n = 19) was investigated. Systemic reactions (SRs) were seen in 29.4 and 31.3% of AD patients receiving rush and ultra-rush regimens, respectively. SRs were seen in 36.8% of allergic asthma patients receiving the rush regimen. Among the 20 AD patients showing SRs, 80% had urticaria, angioedema or a pruritic rash; 20% had a mild bronchospasm. No serious reactions or deaths were seen. Accelerated schedules may be a useful tool in the treatment of AD (Nahm, D-H. et ...

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