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Cutaneous side effects of epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors


A retrospective study of 16 patients treated with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors (EGFRIs) for more than 6 months was conducted, focusing on cutaneous side effects of the therapies. The EGFRIs comprised cetuximab, erlotinib and panitumumab. All patients had metastatic lung or colorectal cancer and one had a glioblastoma. Nine patients were receiving monotherapy with EGFRIs; the mean length of treatment was 10 months (range 6-27 months). Over one-third of patients (37.5%) had grade I or II folliculitis. Other skin manifestations included xerosis (100%), hair abnormalities (87.5%), mucositis (69%), eyelash trichomegaly (62.5%), facial hypertrichosis and painful paronychia (both 56%) and onycholysis (44%). Dose reduction for skin toxicity was required in 37.5% (Osio, A. ...

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