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Phase II study of interleukin-21 in patients with metastatic or recurrent melanoma


Results from a phase II multicenter study documented the efficacy and toxicity of recombinant interleulin-21 (rIL-21) in 22 patients with metastatic melanoma. Three different dosing regimens were used - cohort 1: 50 mcg/kg/day i.v. daily x 5, every other week x 3 weeks q 8 weeks (n=3); cohort 2: as cohort 1 but using 30 mcg/kg/day (n=16); cohort 3: 50 mcg/kg/day i.v. x 5 every other week x 2 q 6 weeks (n=3). The primary endpoint was objective response rate (OR) on the melanoma. The median number of treatment cycles was 2 with a range of 1-4. A partial response rate was seen in 23% of patients and stable disease ...

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