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Predicting risk for infantile atopic dermatitis by genetic and environmental factors


A Taiwanese multistage, stratified, systematic sampling study evaluated the early risk factors for infantile atopic dermatitis (AD) at the age of 6 months. A total of 20,687 pairs (mothers and newborns) completed the study and AD was diagnosed in 7.0% by the physician. The risk factors and odds ratios (ORs) were paternal asthma (OR: 1.32-2.35), maternal and paternal AD (OR: 3.92-3.93), maternal and paternal bronchial asthma (ORs: 1.67-2.06) and paternal/maternal education (ORs: 1.32-2.06). Among environmental factors, fungus on the walls of the house (ORs: 1.29-1.37) and renovation/house painting during pregnancy (ORs: 1.61-1.72) were also risk factors for infantile AD. The lowest probability factor was 3.1% among girls with none of the ...

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