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Quality of life in chronic pruritus measured by the ITCHYQoL


Demographic information on 96 chronic pruritus patients was collected using the ITCHY Quality of Life (ITCHYQoL) scale. Three quarters of patients (75%) itched most or all of the time and patients were categorized with mild/moderate (scores of 1-6) or severe (scores of 7-10) on the scale. Activities of Daily Living (ADL) were impaired in 74% of those with severe itch and 48% in those with mild/moderate itch (P = 0.0085). The severe itch group had more chest/abdomen and genital/buttock involvement than the mild/moderate group (P < 0.05). Moreover QoL impact between the severe and mild/moderate group was greater in the former (P = 0.0067). This study was limited by its ...

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