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Impact of dermoscopy and imaging on management of pigmented lesions in primary care


The impact of dermoscopy and short-term sequential digital dermoscopy (SDDI) on the management of suspicious pigmented lesions was examined in a sequential intervention trial. A total of 63 primary care physicians were trained in the use of dermoscopy and SDDI. Following the use of these interventions on 374 lesions, 43.6% were excised or referred, a decrease of 56.4% compared with naked eye examination. Of the 323 confirmed benign lesions, 36.5% were excised or referred, a decrease of 63.5% compared with naked eye examination (P < 0.0005). The baseline naked eye exam benign:melanoma ratio was 9.5:1, which decreased to 3.5:1 after the interventions (P < 0.0005). Of the 42 malignant lesions only ...

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