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Effect of smoking and alcohol consumption on prevalence of hand eczema: A cross-sectional population-based study


The relationship of tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption to self-reported hand eczema was examined in a Danish cross-sectional, population-based study. A random sample of 7,931 subjects (aged 18-69) participated in a questionnaire, of whom 44% replied (N = 3,471). The overall prevalence of hand eczema was 22%. The presence of hand eczema was higher among previous smokers (odds ratio [OR]: 1.13), current light smokers (OR: 1.51) and current heavy smokers (OR: 1.38) compared with nonsmokers. There was no association between hand eczema and alcohol consumption (from 0 to 15 drinks or more/week over 12 months). Thus tobacco smoking was positively associated with self-reported hand eczema, but the higher association with current light ...

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