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Guidelines on the efficacy and use of acitretin in dermatology


The British Association of Dermatology has recently published guidelines on the use of acitretin in dermatology based on a literature review focusing mainly on randomized controlled trials. The following indications were reviewed: psoriasis, palmopustular pustulosis, prevention of malignancy, congenital ichthyoses and keratoderma, Darier disease, pityriasis rubra pillaris, lichen planus, lupus erythematosus, lichen sclerosus, hand eczema, warts and condyloma acuminatum. Safety and side effects were discussed under the headings teratogenicity, mucocutaneous effects, hepatotoxicity, hyperlipidemia, skeletal abnormalities, miscellaneous other side effects and overdosage (Ormerod, A.D. et al. Br J Dermatol 2010, 162(5): 952).

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