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Development of three screening tools to identify psoriatic arthritis


Three screening tools were developed and validated for the identification of psoriatic arthritis (PsA): the Psoriatic Arthritis Screening and Evaluation tool (the PASE); the Psoriasis Epidemiology Screening Tool (PEST) and the Toronto Psoriatic Arthritis Screen (ToPAS). The ToPAS was developed from rheumatology and dermatology inputs, had a sensitivity ranging from 0.89-0.95, a specificity of 0.85-1.0, used a nail/skin assessment and contained pictures of skin/nail disease. The PEST tool was developed in a community setting and a hospital clinic, had a sensitivity of 0.92 and a specificity of 0.78 and involved a nail/skin assessment. It contained figures of a mannequin to indicate areas of soreness. The PASE was developed based on dermatology and ...

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