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Identification and analysis of an early diagnostic marker for malignant melanoma


Novel tumor-specific differentially methylated regions (DMRs) were sought in human malignant melanoma based on a murine model. Aberrant methylation of 14 candidate human genomic regions was identified. The candidate of most import was the CpG island exon 1 region of the zygote arrest 1 (ZAR1) gene which is responsible for oocyte to embryo transition. It showed aberrant methylation in 93, 94 and 51% of melanoma surgical specimens, melanoma cell lines and various cancer cell lines, respectively. Melanocytic nevi and normal human epidermal melanocytes did not show aberrations. The ZAR1 intra-genomic differentially methylated region is thus an area of interest in malignant melanoma research (Shinojima, Y. et al. J Dermatol Sci 2010, 59: ...

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