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Breaking News
31 December 2010
Factors associated with diagnostic delay in squamous cell carcinoma
30 December 2010
Psychiatric symptoms and health-related quality of life in pediatric psoriasis
29 December 2010
Dermoscopic island: A new descriptor for thin melanoma
28 December 2010
Deregulation of E-cadherin by human papillomavirus
27 December 2010
Evaluation of topical methylprednisolone aceponate, tacrolimus and their combination in the psoriasis plaque test
24 December 2010
Determination of haptoglobin glycan change in psoriasis
23 December 2010
Low-dose aciclovir reduced erythema in pityriasis rosea in a randomized investigator-blinded trial
22 December 2010
Association of stress with atopic dermatitis
21 December 2010
Multiple primary melanoma: The impact of atypical nevi and follow-up
20 December 2010
Certain missense IFIH1 gene carriers protected from psoriasis
17 December 2010
High frequency of p16ink4a promoter methylation in NRAS-mutated melanoma
16 December 2010
Role of endothelial cell apoptosis in the effect of etanercept on psoriasis
15 December 2010
Effects of isotretinoin on quality of life and depressive symptoms in acne patients
14 December 2010
Proactive treatment decreases serum IgE levels in patients with severe atopic dermatitis
13 December 2010
High stress associated with lower cortisol levels and more vulnerability to psoriasis
10 December 2010
Psoriasis vulgaris cytokines and growth factors: Levels before, during and after psoralen UVA and narrowband-UVB therapy
09 December 2010
Long-term follow-up of occupational hand eczema
07 December 2010
Switching between the biologic agent efalizumab to etanercept in high-need psoriasis patients
03 December 2010
Putative involvement of a human cationic antimicrobial protein as a melanoma growth factor
02 December 2010
Nadifloxacin cream and erythromycin gel equally safe and effective in treating mild-moderate facial acne