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Post-transcriptional regulation of melanin biosynthesis

Post-transcriptional regulation of melanin biosynthesis


A study assessed the contribution of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF) to pigmentation regulation by treating human melanocytes with forskolin and/or resveratrol. The former agent is an adenylate cyclase regulator, whereas the latter is a depigmentatory agent found in red wine. mRNA and protein levels for MITF, tyrosinase, tyrosinase-related protein-1 and dopachrome tautomerase (DCT) were quantified. Intracellular cAMP elevation by forskolin markedly increased protein levels for MITF, tyrosinase and DCT. There was no concomitant increase in tyrosinase or DCT mRNA, indicating that elevated MITF levels were insufficient to promote transcription of melanocytic genes. Inhibition of tyrosinase activity by resveratrol was explained by direct tyrosinase inhibition and a post-transcriptional effect (Newton, R.A. et al. J ...

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