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Severe psoriasis associated with increased CVD mortality risk

Severe psoriasis associated with increased CVD mortality risk


A UK population-based cohort study of 3,603 patients with severe psoriasis evaluated the cause-specific mortality in this group. A control group of 14,330 patients with no history of psoriasis was included. Patients with severe psoriasis were at significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) (hazard ratio [HR] 1.57); malignancies (HR: 1.41); chronic lower respiratory disease (HR: 2.08); diabetes (HR: 2.86); dementia (HR: 3.64); infection (HR: 1.65); kidney disease (HR: 4.37) and unknown/missing (HR: 1.43). The absolute and excess risk of death was greatest for CVD, with 61.9 and 3.5 days/1000 patient-years, respectively. Severe psoriasis thus increases the risk of death from several causes, CVD being the most common. Further work is needed ...

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