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Carcinogenic effects of immunosuppressants

Carcinogenic effects of immunosuppressants


A Taiwanese hospital-based cohort study evaluated the association between malignant tumors and immunosuppressive agents. The standardized incidence ratio (SIR) of cancer in the Taiwanese general population was calculated and a proportional hazard model used to determine the effects of different immunosuppressant regimes. The sample comprised 283 renal transplant patients from 1981-2002. Twenty-five patients (8.83%) developed tumors after kidney transplantation (SIR: 4.39). Compared to dual therapy with cyclosporine and prednisolone, the hazard ratio was 4.06 with triple therapy (cyclosporine, prednisolone and azathioprine). Using antilymphocyte globulin the hazard ratio was 4.38 compared to dual therapy. Use of immunosuppressants seems strongly linked to malignant tumor formation, especially in those with a larger degree of immunosuppression (Feng, ...

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