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Chlamydia trachomatis 6

Chlamydia trachomatis 6

Published:  06 January 2007



A recent outbreak of lymphogranuloma venereum (LVG) proctitis caused by Chlamydia trachomatis serovar L2 has been detected in HIV-positive men in the Netherlands and Belgium. This sexually transmitted disease (STD), which is well known and frequently occurring in tropical countries, was quite unusual in Europe until 2003. STDs with ulcerative lesions, such as LGV, facilitate transmission of other microorganisms, including HIV and hepatitis C. This in combination with risky sexual behavior, such as unprotected anal sexual intercourse or use of sex toys, increases the risk of blood-blood contact and hence the risk of contracting multiple STDs. Two cases of patients who in a short time period contracted multiple STDs, including LGV proctitis, is presented.© 2006 Prous Science. All rights reserved.

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