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Efficacy of vitamins in pediatric atopic dermatitis

Efficacy of vitamins in pediatric atopic dermatitis


The effects of correcting vitamin deficiencies in children with atopic dermatitis (AD) were investigated. A group of 43 children (aged 5-13 years) were divided into a subgroup of 20 receiving a polyvitamin supplement, and another subgroup of 23 receiving monovitamins. Sixteen children with AD who received no vitamins served as controls. Children receiving monovitamins excreted more vitamins in their urine compared with those receiving polyvitamins, notably vitamins C, B2 and B6. However, reduction of clinical presentation of AD in children receiving vitamins occurred more slowly than in controls. Further work is required to clarify this anomaly (Lialikau, S. et al. 10th Int Congr Dermatol (May 20-24, Prague) 2009, Abst P028, 906).

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