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Long-term follow-up of occupational hand eczema

Long-term follow-up of occupational hand eczema


A Finnish questionnaire-based study was used to follow up and identify prognostic factors in 605 patients with occupational hand eczema (OHE) examined between 1994 and 2001. The questionnaire was sent out in 2008 and the follow-up period covered 7-14 years. The OHE had healed (defined as no eczema during the last 12 months) in 40% of the patients. Duration of OHE was strongly correlated with continuation of disease (odds ratio [OR] 4.5 if > 10 years). Age, gender and type of eczema (allergic or irritant contact) were not associated with the prognosis, but skin and respiratory atopy were (ORs 1.86 and 2.69, respectively).Those subjects that had not changed their occupation (66%) ...

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