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Lumican and decorin expression in human malignant melanoma

Lumican and decorin expression in human malignant melanoma


The expression of lumican and decorin was examined in human malignant melanoma (HMM) and adjacent tissue to determine their roles in tumor growth and invasion. Samples from 34 malignant melanomas, 12 Hutchinson's melanotic freckles and 4 cutaneous metastatic melanomas were examined. In healthy dermis distant from the tumor, there was an increasing ratio of lumican to decorin which was inversely correlated with tumor cell proliferation (p=0.035). In peritumoral stroma, lumican, but not decorin expression decreased significantly (p=0.016) with increasing Clark levels. Lumican, produced by dermal fibroblasts, may regulate vertical progression of HMM, but further study is needed to clarify its antitumor mechanism (Brezillon, S. et al. Clin Exptl Dermatology 2007, 32(4): 405-416).

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