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Sjogren Syndrome: Pathogenesis, Cutaneous Manifestations and Management

Sjogren Syndrome: Pathogenesis, Cutaneous Manifestations and Management

Published:  24 April 2007



Recent advances in the pathogenesis and management of Sjogren syndrome are summarized in this review, including major topics such as newly described pathomechanisms and cutaneous manifestations of Sjogren syndrome including annular erythema, recurrent purpura, prevalence of eyelid dermatitis, mechanisms on photosensitivity and hypohidrosis seen in Sjogren syndrome. On the management of Sjogren syndrome, clinical effect of newly marketed M3 muscarine receptor agonist on sicca symptoms is briefly summarized. Because Sjogren syndrome is a relatively underestimated collagen disease in contrast to systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis or dermatomyositis, special care should be taken not to misdiagnose Sjogren syndrome when we see the patients with common skin disease such as drug eruption, infections skin disease or xerosis in the daily practice.

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