Cosmetic dermatology

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Aging Skin: Mechanisms and Treatments

Published:  06 January 2010

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Vincent DeLeo

Sunscreen Toxicity and Confusion in the Lay Press: Retinyl Palmitate

Published:  01 March 2012

Vincent DeLeo

FDA Issues Some “Final” Rules for US Sunscreens

Published:  03 November 2011

Thomas Ruzicka

Plasma Medicine Entering the Scene

Published:  01 February 2011

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The Risks of Natural and Artificial Tanning

Published:  22 March 2010


Combatting Premature Aging

Published:  07 May 2009



Published:  15 April 2007


The Use of Fillers in Cosmetic Dermatology

Published:  03 May 2005


The Crossroads of Dermatology: Systemic Diseases and Dermatologic Manifestations

Published:  09 March 2005