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The 5-D itch scale: A novel measure of pruritus

The 5-D itch scale: A novel measure of pruritus


A novel scale designed to measure pruritus and to be useful as an outcome measure in clinical trials was derived. It was termed the 5-D scale (degree, duration, direction, disability and distribution domains were measured). It was administered to 234 patients with chronic pruritus due to liver disease, renal disease, dermatological disorders, HIV/AIDS and burn injuries. The 5-D questionnaire was administered at baseline and after a 6-week follow-up. A subset of 50 untreated subjects was retested after 3 days to assess test-retest reliability. The 5-D score correlated with a visual analogue scale for itch at baseline, a 3-day repeat and at follow-up (r = 0.727-0.892; P < 0.0001). There was no ...

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