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What’s New in Contact Dermatitis?
What’s New in Contact Dermatitis?

What’s New in Contact Dermatitis?

Ana M. Giménez-Arnau

Published:  10 February 2010



A systematic MEDLINE search and review of the literature published in 2009 in specialized contact dermatitis publications including the key words "contact dermatitis", "dermatitis" or "allergy" was performed. The aim was to provide an update on clinical and basic research in contact dermatitis for dermatologists, allergists, general practitioners and health service professionals. This review includes original articles, case discussions and remaining challenges identified in order to summarize the current status of the field of contact dermatitis. The review was performed with a practical approach in mind. The selection criteria were chosen by of the author and are therefore not exhaustive and are a limitation to this study. Nonetheless, we are confident that the results of the review will shed light on the current situation of contact dermatitis.

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