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02 June 2010
Chronic atypical neutrophilic dermatosis with lipodystrophy and elevated temperature: The CANDLE syndrome
26 February 2010
Matrix metalloproteinase expression in atopic dermatitis
25 February 2010
Open-label, single-center pilot study to evaluate antifungal activity of a novel nonsteroidal cream in volunteers
24 February 2010
Topical tacrolimus for treatment-resistant cutaneous lupus erythematosus
23 February 2010
Retreatment with alitretinoin in previously relapsed patients with chronic hand eczema
22 February 2010
Association between frequency of pruritic symptoms and perceived psychological stress
19 February 2010
Late-onset IgE sensitization to microbial allergens in pediatric atopic dermatitis
18 February 2010
Ustekinumab improves quality of life in patients with moderate-severe psoriasis
17 February 2010
Skin barrier function and current perception threshold in extrinsic and intrinsic atopic dermatitis
16 February 2010
A randomized controlled trial in pediatric eczema: Quality of life outcomes by nurse practitioners versus dermatologists
15 February 2010
Miltefosine versus clobetasol in mastocytosis: Controlled study
09 February 2010
Polyphenon E®: A novel treatment for external anogenital warts
05 February 2010
Quality of life evaluation in epidermolysis bullosa: Development of a specific quality of life instrument
04 February 2010
A dermoscopy follow-up of slow-growing melanoma
04 February 2010
Comparison of two dermoscopic techniques to diagnose atypical pigmented lesions
02 February 2010
Low bone mineral density in adult atopic dermatitis