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Childhood dermatoses and phototherapy: A retrospective study

Childhood dermatoses and phototherapy: A retrospective study


Data collected between 1985 and 2005 on 113 pediatric dermatoses (3-17 years old) has been analyzed to gauge the effect of different phototherapy treatments: narrow-band ultraviolet-B, ultraviolet-B, ultraviolet-A and psoralen. Among psoriasis patients, response rates were high: 83.8% with psoralen plus ultraviolet-A, 93.3% with ultraviolet-B and 92.9% with narrow-band ultraviolet-B. All pityriasis lichenoides chronica patients responded to narrow-band ultraviolet-B and 7 of 9 responded to ultraviolet-B. Among vitiligo patients, 57% responded to psoralen plus ultraviolet-A and 50% responded to narrow-band ultraviolet-B. Two of 10 alopecia areata patients responded to psoralen plus ultraviolet-A. Erythema was the most common adverse event in the total population. Overall, the study showed the efficacy of phototherapy for childhood ...

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