Professional Development

Self-test on time management
Self-test on the use of time. This is very simple to answer. N equals no or never; S equals at times, some times; U equals usually, normally, and A equals yes, always. You must answer the 20 questions using the criteria we just mentioned and, when you are done, add the numbers corresponding to each of your answers to reach a total sum.
The maximum possible sum is 60. If your sum is under 40, there are many things that need improvement; from 40 to 50 or 55, it will be increasingly difficult to improve what needs improvement. Do not say your sum was 60 - I simply will not believe it! What should you improve? You should first work on improving the questions you answered with a 0 and then those you answered with a 2. In any case, if any item is not applicable to your personal situation, you can perfectly write your own item or include your own table. Remember that this is not a precision, but rather a guiding instrument.