Professional Development

12 - Replanning
Learn to use your daily planner as a filter in case you have to replan. A very common mistake is to accept to replan without having given much consideration to the change and how the changes will impact your plans for the day or period. This is the best way to lose control of your own time and to let yourself be influenced by others, and therefore have to face unpredictable or unexpected consequences. We advise you never to accept changing your plan without first deciding if the matter is important and if it requires your presence.You must analyze valid alternatives and if your daily planner is available for the time you are being asked. Are all the rearrangements that will have to be done in your daily planner acceptable, in view of the changes? If I accept the changes, I must immediately note them down on my daily planner. This is another very useful and major disciplinary issue that will allow you to analyze your use of time. A good way to respect your daily planner and your time, and to make yourself respected, is to have all changes filtered by the daily planner itself.