Professional Development

2 - The basic rules
The basic rules to managing a daily planner are: - The daily planner is a tool for you to use to plan, control and analyze your own time. - When you plan your time, we suggest you do so for your total working hours, noting down all the activities. This implies that, at least once a week or once every two weeks, you will have to exercise your planning and make daily adjustments. - Write down on the daily planner the actual time spent in each activity, otherwise you might lose valuable information. Do not be afraid to replan and also note down the changes that occur. Knowing how to replan is the key to success. You must also be aware that replanning is a constant exercise. - Your daily planner is a personal productivity tool, therefore it cannot be delegated. You can delegate your appointment daily planner, and have someone note down your meetings, trips, etc. Your appointment daily planner is a complement to, but never a substitute for, your personal daily planner.