Professional Development

30 - Prior to writing: Brainstorming
Before you write your manuscript, the ideas and structure must be clear in your mind. Therefore, we recommend some reflection and brainstorming sessions with colleagues before you start writing.You must clearly highlight the topic you want to develop in your manuscript. Although you may introduce other aspects in your article, it must always have an attractive central idea or topic. Otherwise, the editors, referees or readers will show no interest in your article.You must develop the central idea in several stages, as in a story. The manuscript needs to establish a continuous flow of communication with the reader on how the work was done, its objectives and how you solved technical problems. Our study may not enter the Annals of Scientific History, but it must surely be at least a small contribution to a specific area.Keep in mind that the average number of words allowed in a scientific article is 3,500, so we must adjust our ideas to meet this specification.