Professional Development

47 - Developing the manuscript sequence
Our manuscript must follow a sequence in developing the hypothesis or idea on which we have based our research. The different parts of the study are described in different sections of the manuscript (Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion), but these four sections must be interrelated and sequential.If there are doubts as to the best way to explain and illustrate data, consult previous studies on the subject that may be used as models. Since these studies have already been submitted to previous peer-review processes and accepted, they have been filtered for possible inadequate expression of data or exposition of results.In addition, as previously mentioned, we must trust our criteria and the criteria of our team. Although one person may be responsible for writing, the opinions of the members of our group are very important. There are groups in which several people are responsible for writing the article each is in charge of a section. This is not advisable: the reader may detect different writing styles that might affect the quality of reading.