Professional Development

24 - Social skills II
These skills allow a person to promote social encounters, to bring people together, to inspire others, to have successful personal relationships and to make others feel at ease. Although there are many ways to describe social competence, one of the best descriptions include expressiveness, sensibility and self-presentation; that is, a person who has social skills is capable of presenting himself adequately, is sensitive to others who surround him and is capable of expressing his emotions, feelings and ideas from the other's point of view, in other words, with empathy. Although at times we are not aware of it, we are constantly sending emotional signals that reach and affect those who surround us. Social skills enable us to handle this emotional exchange. In fact, people who are able to help others to calm their feelings possess a highly valued social asset. We all know someone with whom we like to talk. Why? Because, most probably, that person listens to you, soothes your anxieties or fears, and positively acts upon your state of being, interest or motivation.