Professional Development

16 - Child egos: positive and negative
The adapted Child, in its positive aspects, is disciplined, respects social norms and accepts instructions. The negative adapted Child acts driven by feelings of inadequacy, of being of little value, of inferiority and can readily show low self-esteem. The positive aspects of the resistant Child make it act as a reformer, tell the truth in difficult circumstances and make constructive criticism; on the other hand, in its negative aspects the resistant Child can be defiant, unnecessarily reject social conventions, goes against things for no particular reason and can be destructive: its does not have the ability to analyze and evaluate situations, but is quick to criticize.The positive free Child enjoys life, is happy, friendly, creative, spontaneous, direct, that is to say, charming, unless it is excessive; then we have the negative, or immature, free Child, with rude and impulsive behavior, doing exactly as it pleases, who ignores the consequences on its actions, and is selfish.